“Music is a reflection of self”

For so many of us, we look to music in times of pain, joy, or entertainment. For myself, music has been my best friend, and worst enemy. It’s been there when no one could understand me and at times it’s fueled my fire.

To me, arguing genres of music is much like arguing religion. At the end of the day everyone has his or her opinion and personal preference but as long as it makes you happy who cares what anyone says.

My drums have always been my outlet and my tool to express myself when my words never could. Drumming has always been a way to differentiate myself from everyone else, and it’s something I don’t ever need anyone to understand, which is fine with me.

905 Drums is a way for artists, not only myself, to create and promote music they believe in, music that is real whether it be pop, dance, hip hop or rock n roll. 905 Drums is an outlet for the true artists I believe are being real to themselves. An ideology I’ve based myself as a musician around.

Whether it is the outfit you decide to rock, the music you decide to listen to, or the portraits and sculptures you decide to call art. This website is about the people who are true to themselves, the people who refuse to listen to what the mainstream idea of normal is. Being cool to me is being whatever the f*ck you want to be.

Send me photos or blogs to post through site of whatever it is you are.

Peace & Love,

Michael Tyler

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